THE TRUTH: CBS Fires DJ’s Over Racist Asian Slurs


Listen – I abhor censorship – true censorship – but you know what I have to say about the two DJ’s getting fired from CBS radio because of their racist Asian “comedy”?

Finally. Good riddance. This isn’t about free speech or the First Amendment. It’s about a company who has the right to flex their muscles and make the decision as to what type of programing is actually acceptable on the air waves that they’ve paid for from the FCC.

The Asian American community is finally getting some justice and it’s about time. For too long, people have decided – because it is a decision when you don’t speak up – that it’s O.K. to make cracks about Asian Americans because somehow we’re less than everyone else. Because we don’t matter. Because somehow we’re still the foreigners that you – the rest of America – can’t trust. See what I’m saying?

Is America finally getting a clue?


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