Live Free Or Die Hard #2 – Keep on spreading the word on this racist movie/Angry Asian Man and reappropriate got this one all wrong


From the comments and the outside links pointing to the post – it’s looking like the word is starting to spread more why this movie is such a piece of crap – but it’s still young too – so keep on spreading the word – offline or online it doesn’t really matter – just do what you can and remember it will also come out on DVD – DON’T BUY IT.I wanted to give a special shout out to ladyjax and her post about the other Die Hards in comparison to Live Free Or Die Hard – not only is it a great post juxtaposing the movies – but she says what I felt as well – I felt betrayed – so keep on rocking ladyjax.

On a very different note – and this will let you know that not all of us Asians think the same – I gotta take some of the other AA bloggers out to task on this one – I mean when I read the post on the movie down at reappropriate – I was just like “WTF?” – how can reappropriate call the movie “phenomenal” – she gives around 4 paragrphs to how great the movie is, but yet has a problem because:

Maggie Q’s contributions to the dastardly plot are:

  1. To be the villain’s girlfriend
  2. To have a sexy voice
  3. To wear completely impractical stiletto heels to go on a dangerous villainous mission
  4. To use kung fu to attempt to kick McClane’s butt 

Maggie Q’s character was a lot more than that, she was an integral part of the firesale – and while I’m not saying she couldn’t have had a larger role, she was much more than just a “sexy voice” who used kung fu to get the job done.

Apparently though that’s all reappropriate saw in Maggie Q and basically just looked at the incredibly racist language in the movie as “racial humour”. Is that what we call racist language that demeans Asians and Asian women now? We call it “racial humor”? I just can’t believe I read that on the reappropriate blog – I think I have to do a double take – I just expected a lot more on this one.

And the same goes for Angry Asian Man – although not as bad because he at least calls the language racist when it needs to be – but how do you still then say “I thought it was a solid action flick, not quite as good as the previous three, but worthy of being called Die Hard”.

When will there be enough racist language for a movie to finally suck altogether and not be called a “solid action flick”? It wasn’t worthy and it never will be. It’s the same reason why the movie White Christmas can’t ever be a real classic – because of the black face.

You know what both the reviews say to me? And those by very prominent AA bloggers? It says that you can throw in all the racist language that you want – but as long as A GREAT WHITE HERO IS KICKING ASS IN IT – it’s A O.k and it’s still a phenomenal solid action flick – and to me – that’s just plain bullshit.

But let me say one thing though – and make sure you hear it loud and clear – I love Angry Asian Man and reappropriate’s blogs – they do great stuff and have been putting it on the blogosphere a lot longer than I have and they do tremendous amounts for the AA community.

But I can still disagree with them.

And on this one – I definitely do.


5 responses to “Live Free Or Die Hard #2 – Keep on spreading the word on this racist movie/Angry Asian Man and reappropriate got this one all wrong

  1. Whilst what McClane says is definitely racist I can understand him saying it as it is his character to wind up the villain in any way he can. If he went around the whole film calling every asian woman he saw a whore/hooker then yes I’d have a much bigger problem with it but for a main movie villain kicking his ass and handing it to him on a plate I can see him getting very angry and saying something like that off the cuff.

    He’s not directing it at every asian women, he’s directing it at a movie villain who’s nearly killing him.

    Also, for example, did you get offended when McClane was called an irish flatfoot in Die Hard 3 ? Afterall that can be considered very offensive too but I don’t remember anyone going mad over that.

    If you want to see full blown movie racism watch National Security, THAT is a film that should be shamed and disgraced and hung out to dry. One of the most horrible pieces of mainsteam racism I have ever seen in a film, it makes Live Free…. seem like childs play, probably one of the factors which leads to me not being so bothered by LFODH.

  2. I also don’t want it to look like I’m having a go at anyone or that I condone racism and I apologise if thats how it comes across.

    I’m just saying that, for me, it doesn’t surprise me for a character like McClane to say something like that in the heat of the moment, I don’t for one minute think the character’s racist, just him spouting shite at at the spur of the moment.

    Plus that they have also kidnapped his daughter, one of the rules of the series being how much McClane loves his family. I could see how his character could be nastier than usual towards any villain in this than in the other films.

  3. Thanks for the link and I appreciate your concern about why I called the film phenomenal.

    I was extremely, extremely disappointed in this film for its repeated use of the “dead Asian hooker” jokes. Sitting in the theatre, I was almost nauseated by the jokes and the audience’s reactions. That feeling is indescribably horrible and not one I enjoyed or easily ignored.

    However, taking the racist jokes out of the equation for just a second, the rest of the film simply WAS excellent. It hearkened back to one of my movie soul foods: 80’s and early 90’s action movies — a genre which is otherwise in its death throes. Within that genre (having nothing to do with the main character being White) — this film simply tops the list. It had a compelling plot, good acting, and incredible heart-pounding action scenes — as well as a quintessential characteristic of this genre: impossible action scenes. To judge this film, you have to judge all its components — and this film was one of the best action genre movies of all time (and certainly the best of the last decade).

    That doesn’t excuse Maggie Q’s character or its treatment in the movie, by any stretch of the imagination. But I think as race activists, we have to be capable of recognizing terrible racism in an excellent movie and be able to both love and hate it at the same time. And that’s exactly how I felt about Live Free or Die Hard: I would advocate campaigns to demand an apology from producers for the racism and online articles to raise awareness about the offensiveness of the character to moviegoers. But I would also recommend the movie (in conjunction with a discussion on the racism) to anybody who loves 80’s action movies and understands its role in shaping today’s pop culture.

  4. * — “impossible action scenes” should read “impossible action feats”.

  5. Slanty Slant


    Thanks for the reply and clarifying your point – it’s appreciated – and in many different ways I do agree with what you have to say.

    As not only activists, but as Asian Americans and people of color in general we have to weigh the good with the bad in what we’re willing to put up with – and we can’t go against it all, we can’t boycott everything that’s offensive – if that were the case I’d probably never leave my house – so I definitely hear you on that.

    And I hear you on if you take out the pieces that I absolutely hate about this movie and cut them to the floor – that it truly becomes one of the slickest action flicks in a long time (and I was looking forward to seeing the movie – I mean Die Hard 4 after all of these years? How much better was it going to get?)..

    For me though – that’s the thing. To me it’s so horrendous in this day and age that those pieces – where you and me and other people like us cringed or got nauseated, or just got pissed – it ruins the whole movie (and would ruin it everytime I’d watch it if I’d ever own it – which I won’t at least in its current cut).

    To me it’s like the owners of a dog who give him a good life, but still occasionally beat the dog with a hammer every now and then to show him who is boss – I can’t overlook that just like I can’t overlook the pieces in the movie.

    But I like the idea of a campaign for an apology, and maybe even something like cutting the dialogue out of the film for its release on the DVD. But until then – I still gotta stand by what I’ve said and keep on saying to people that they should avoid it.

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