If you’re Gay and Asian you get beaten to death

sing.jpgSatender Singh was having a picnic with some friends celebrating a promotion in his job. Days later he was pronounced dead because of a vicious attack on him because of his racial and sexual identity.

The tragic and sad event is a sickening commentary on how far we still have yet to go in the fight against hate crimes and in embracing diversity.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends and for those whose lives were enriched because of him.


While I feel immense sadness at the death of Satender Singh, I can’t also help but feel angry and jaded.

When people like Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness get quoted as saying “there is a strong probability” that the assault was a hate crime I’m appalled.

A strong possibility?

While there is still news that is coming out and the killers have yet to be caught there is enough information – witnesses have said the killers were shouting racists and homophobic comments previously in the day leading up to the killing.

A strong possibility that this was a hate crime?

What the fuck needs to happen for this to be fucking classified as a godamn fucking hate crime? Do people need to leave notes that say “I killed this person because….”?

What more fucking proof do you need?



Go and write to Sheriff McGinness and tell him he needs to rethink his review either through the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department website or at:

2006 Sacramento Sheriff’s Department
711 G Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


3 responses to “If you’re Gay and Asian you get beaten to death

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  2. I-am-not-Yoko-Ono-But-still-yes-still-a-B/Witch

    Sacramento is a city that exhibits the worst of California. I had lived there for three years and was astonished by the separation of people as well as a lack of community within any of the communities present there. The public officials have long been under fire. The Asian community seemingly remains isolated and keeps to themselves. Most people are under the impression if you’re young and asian, if you don’t speak english you’re a student, if you do then you’re a gangbanger. But the same goes for many other people as well including the russian population. There’s a huge homeless, drug and mental health problem there. You can’t go anywhere in the town without stumbling into a homeless person or someone, even children (young children) just totally fried – usually on meth. But there’s one area in which the majority of people are treated the same and that is by the cops and other emergency services. It seems as if they assume everyone or at least while I was there (almost a year ago) is on meth. Any sort of protest of treatment or a previous “public” history of activism or social action especially involved with the city, if not illegal – say an “implied” threat to a cop, can land you under a mental health review. Although it’s not uncommon for officers to “detain” someone in holding where officially you’re not arrested, so you don’t really have any rights. Though many rumours, some based in fact but it will be disputed heavily by the city and I’ve found you can’t fight the city even with concrete proof, witnesses and long list of people in the same situation. It’s the capitol. As far as the “GBLTIQ” community goes … there isn’t one. You know what most cops have done in relation to calls at the parks…. They assume especially if it involves gay men that they were trolling for sex. And don’t do jack. And the harassment of lesbians, most I knew wouldn’t even bother with the cops if it had anything to do with their sexuality. .

    And it’s not surprising the gay community is silent – Midtown – the gay pubs that line the street, most people call it “Terry-town” unless there’s a “slam”, “pnp” or the promise of sex, gay or lesbian, you won’t see them act – this isn’t San Francisco.

    here was only one pub that I ever felt comfortable at. “The Golden Bear” everywhere else it’s expected you’re the stereotypical Asian, if you’re a man, you’re a bottom, a fem and a whore automatically and only into super-chubs.
    If you’re a woman, either you’re butch or you’re so passively shy you hide in the background and giggle excessively to everything. And there’s such a huge separation between gays and lesbians there, I don’t understand it. It’s almost a war. And so many people that “say” their married, many of these guys are gay, never been with a woman, and wear a “wedding band” to clubs so they’ll get picked up. Though many of the people who go to the gay dance clubs aren’t actually gay, there just isn’t a lot of decent places in Midtown/Downtown to dance.

    There’s not much place for activism, if you’re local. And if you’re vocal about it — you’ll become an enemy of the GBLTIQ community there. Which is prominently represented in bareback std-negative (very anti-hiv and even the discussion or asking if they have “ANY” STi’s begins rumors that you have one. OH and the majority of testing services accessible to the public are not anonymous, they take your SS# or other identifying information to keep track of you and potential strain, infections in your area ) PNP White Upper Class Males (Non-Euro, no accents and likely circumcised and not one bloody Jewish person or anyone that would admit it in the mix. Just look at Terry, a very commercial fag that “sponsors” quite a few things but there’s always a price tag for even the non profits to get involved.)

    Anyway, I know I sound rather bitter on the city. There seems to be so many people that like it but I couldn’t stand the racial divide, the harassment from people on the street to even cops, the RAMPANT meth problem, homeless people EVERYWHERE, and the housing authority definitely is a complete joke. One of my friends, a doctor, an ears, nose, throat specialist, who happens to be black and Jewish, but he drives a beat up pickup truck and dresses rather down also experienced this… They didn’t even bother to look at his employment or any of his paperwork, they simply told him straight out that they needed someone that could afford to pay their rent on time and didn’t want to bring crime to the neighborhood, but they recommended he might feel more comfortable in Oakpark.

    And finding roommates is a joke as well. It’s easier if you make three times the cost of rent from an actual “job” no scholarships, no loans, no excuses of a shortage of on-campus housing and certainly don’t mention you’re queer unless they’ve mentioned it first, And as far as any other ethnicity goes, it’s the well but soft spoke and be young, and live with your own “kind” as so many people have put it one way or another. bastards.

    Why don’t people bitch to governator, it’s appalling that Sacramento is such a pit as a representation of California and none of the officials seem to take notice… if they can’t clean up their home-base, how can they run an entire state?

    And if only we could bring the Asian PRiDE (Gay or anyone else) from SF and Southern California to Sac — because the community that lives there seriously needs to be brought into the light as A PART OF SACRAMENTO and not just taxi drivers, store clerks or drunken lady-boys. And there’s a long asian history with Sacramento, even middle eastern, the grave sites are littered with decades and centuries of tombstones that prove this!

  3. I-am-not-Yoko-Ono-But-still-yes-still-a-B/Witch

    Oh and since most people think I am just paranoid or talking out of my rear, here’s a few responses to the story…


    I should post the response from various blogs of people in the city which mirror the same view or others, which seemingly KNOW NOTHING about this young man and using his death as a tool. There’s anti-asian remarks, anti-euro, anti-gay, anti-human_life… it’s just sickening that people feel so strongly that we shouldn’t care about the loss of a life — which I believe in the need for hate crime laws but few people seem to recognize that this violent end of a life is simply wrong, even some of the leading sites for the communities he belong to have condemned him not so much as a victim, but blaming everything from alcohol to perceptions of homosexuality for causing this and by faith, heritage, he should have stood on his own two feet to defend himself – though that portion dropped the discussion when he wasn’t so orthodox as they previously thought and brushed him off as a westerner (white). I don’t understand this. And the remarks of “send all the russians back to russia” while I was it was a similar response to the increase of asian girl fights and gangs, send them all back to their country (which coincidently happens to be the U.S. but whatever!)

    You know it’s a little more troubling me not that this took place but the reaction of people to it… and the majority of the reaction is negative to regards to Satender Singh or simply glosses over his participation, being a VICTIM or even bridging his family into this…. that’s where a tool is made when his family and friends are brushed to the sidelines, because isn’t it better if blonde hair, blue eyed tells his story?

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