Alan Muraoka, Sesame Street, and Asian Americans On Broadway: Heart and Music


Alan Muraoka, who plays the owner of Mr. Hooper’s corner store on Sesame Street, will be helming the production of Asian Americans On Broadway: Heart and Music, which will be part of the benefit for the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC).

Talking about the show Muraoka said:

“The audience sees the potential that anything is possible. That there was a Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ who was Asian that looked like them. And to me, I didn’t have those images when I was growing up. We’re performing for that one person — that person that this has always been their dream, but they never thought that they could do it. Well, we’re showing them that it is possible and that anything is possible.”

Read the full article about the show down at the Nichi Bei Times as well as the show’s website  You can also learn more about Alan Muraoka at his site.


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