Vietnamese fisherman’s death labeled a hate-crime by Asian-Americans, but not by authorities

Even though John J. Haley, 31 – who was charged with the murder of Du Doan, 62 in Chicago – is reported as having previous altercations with other Asian-American fisherman, including being charged for battery and assult – the police are still being cautious about calling the murder a hate-crime.

But that’s not stopping those around him from saying different:

“There were a lot of people out at the harbor early that morning from different backgrounds. Why did the alleged perpetrator pick on those individuals?” said Ben Lumicao, an adviser on the city’s Commission on Human Relations. “Everyone in the Asian-American community had the same reaction: That could have been me or my uncle or my grandfather.

 “We do think this should be labeled a hate crime,” said Myron Dean Quon, legal director of the Asian-American Institute. “Our organization has gotten lots of calls from concerned residents. This has left the Asian-American community on edge and wary.”

Read more here and here.


2 responses to “Vietnamese fisherman’s death labeled a hate-crime by Asian-Americans, but not by authorities

  1. theblacksentinel

    Why are people so afraid to call a duck a duck. We know dog gone well that this was a hate crime. They just don’t want the negative publicity of being known for being home to a hateful person or people. Good post.

  2. An old friend of mine was a victim of a hate crime in Chicago too. He was beaten by gangbangers who kept calling him “whiteboy” and “cracker”. Now he has permanent brain damage. No hate crime charges were filed though, and last I heard all of the perpetrators did less than a year in jail. Go figure.

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