Racism Roundup

Racist slurs painted on animals belonging to FFA students

His daughters spent the beginning of the school year trying to recruit other African American kids to join the FFA. They love the organization. But now they’re concerned this incident will hurt it.

Jesse Jackson Blasts Nas for Controversial Album Title

Hip-hop star NAS has been slammed by Reverend Jesse Jackson – because the controversial title of his new album NIGGA “makes a mockery” of the race issue.

Columbia says no to racist acts on campus

Wearing orange, a diverse crowd of 40 people stood in front of Dodge Hall on campus and heard speakers. The orange outfits invited attention. Chants of “people united will never be defeated” were peppered throughout the rally. Many in the crowd were students who were outraged by the recent anti-Arab and anti-Semitic graffiti, as well as the noose that was found by Madonna Constantine, a professor who is a person of color.

Spanish GP head brands British F1 fans ‘racist’

The race for the Formula One world championship took another controversial turn after the head of the Spanish motorsport federation was embroiled in a racism row.


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