If that picture doesn’t interest you in the sketch comedy group Disoriental – it begs the question of what will get you out to see them this October 26 & 27 along with the Pork Filled Players at the Theater Off Jackson in Seattle.

Here’s some more info on the trio and the show:

Since winning the People’s Choys Award at the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre SKETCHOFF!#$%!! in May, Kristal Yee, Edwina Cheer & Brandon Barton (who all met while filming Off Centre Television) have been busy writing, rewriting, performing, and rewriting again […]

Presented by and performing with the Pork Filled Players, Disoriental is a trio of Canadians thrown into a car and told to drive to Seattle […]

Disoriental’s shows are at 10:30 pm, on a twin bill with the Pork Filled Players’ new show, Lard & Order: Pork Filled Intent. Tickets are $10 General/$8 Student or Senior and are available for purchase online at http://www.ticketwindowonline.com (206/325-6500). For more information on Disoriental’s US debut or about the Pork Filled Players, email oink@porkfilled.com or call 206/365-0282.

Check out their MySpace page here.


2 responses to “Disoriental

  1. Oh my!! Wonderful what you find online when you Google…thank you for the slow plug! We’re super excited to perform for Seattle…3 more sleeps!

    Love, Disoriental

  2. Erm…sHow plug, even. Whoops!

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