Halle Berry caught making racist Jewish joke on Jay Leno – and Leno tried to cover it up


Well – not only is she an Academy Award winner  – the first black actor to win the Best Actress award – but now you can add racist joker to her resume as well. On a recent stint on the Jay Leno show while showing distorted pictures of herself in a comic routine, when she came to one of the pictures of her with a magnified nose she said it made her look like “her Jewish cousin”.


That was nice Halle.

And you almost got away with it too, because according to reports you asked Jay Leno to take it out for the actual television showing – which he did – but audience members leaked it out.

So not only was there a racist joke made at the expense of Jewish Americans – you know – those people with big noses who control all the media and never were involved in something called the Holocaust (because you probably think that’s a sham) – but you also had your friend Jay Leno – the man who likes to let comedians rip on Asian people – try and cover it up for you.

Next time maybe you can do some photos of you with some slanty eyes with some chopsticks and a laundry ticket and start sputtering out stereotypes and latent prejudices about Asian people too?

Please? Pretty please?

Then maybe Jay Leno can try and cover that up as well.


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