Moving over to a new Blogger host

Dear Readers:

Slant Eye For The Round Eye is making the move to where it will now be hosted. While WordPress has proved a great host and service up until now, moving over to blogger will allow some extra content features (different types of video feeds), easier mobile blogging, more customization, and some other new features.

Slant Eye For The Round Eye DNS records have been updated and readers should be directed over to the new host without any problems in the next few hours, however please note that some hiccups may occur (the domain www.slanteyefortheroundeye should direct readers seamlessly though once the DNS has propagated). Some links and feeds however may need to be updated (especially for individual links), so please update them where necessary. Links to the Feedburner RSS feeds and e-mail sign-ups have been removed here and will be back up on the new site once the transition has taken place. 

Thanks for reading – and see you at the new Blogger home,
Slant Eye For The Round Eye 


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