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Newsbits: Olbermann, Nguyen, Asian Health

Some links and stories from around the web and blogosphere:

Olbermann Slams Malkin for Daring to Question Clinton Straw Donors

MSNBC’s Keith “Chicken & Waffles” Olbermann attacked conservative blogger Michelle Malkin for “ethnic profiling” of Chinese restaurant dishwashers in New York City who donated to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Of course, running off of the liberal Media Matters script, Olbermann failed to note that Malkin’s problem is not with the donors’ ethnicity per se, but that it’s highly suspicious when low-wage earners pony up a few thousand to give a political candidate.

’21 Jump Street’ star Dustin Nguyen is back in action

Flash back to 1987. “21 Jump Street” was one of the hottest new shows on television, showcasing the talents of young heartthrobs Johnny Depp and Dustin Nguyen. For Depp, already a rising star, it would be a launching pad for enormous big-screen success. For Nguyen, who played Officer Harry Truman Ioki, it was a rare opportunity in the national spotlight during a time when there were hardly any Asian Americans on television or in the movies.

Coverage, Access and Quality | Asian-Americans Express Concern About SCHIP Veto, Program’s Future

According to recent U.S. Census Bureau data, 15.5% of Asian-Americans and about 21.7% of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are uninsured. Other Asian-American subgroups such as Korean-Americans and Vietnamese-Americans also have a large percentage of uninsured. However, because some subgroups have relatively higher incomes and education levels and are labeled as the “Model Minority,” the groups’ need for access to health care often is overlooked, the Pacific Citizen/New America Media reports.


Shorts: Racist Nobel Winner?, Bombing in Manilla, Teacher Nabbed, China Olympics 2008

  • Apparently you can be really really smart – as in winning the Nobel prize in 1962 for deciphering the double-helix of DNA – but still be really dumb as well. Case in point is Dr. James D. Watson winner of the aforementioned prize who also apparently likes to infer that black people aren’t as smart as white people – and are problem workers too. Hmmm….so much for those museum appearances. But he is trying to apologize and says his comments were not read as he intended them to be. It seems even Nobel winners can get tongue tied..
  • The news coming out of the capital Manilla isn’t looking any better with police saying that they’ve found traces of plastic explosives tied to the mall explosions. As of right now there are eight confirmed deaths along with seventy wounded and general alerts have been issued for the rest of the city as well as the international airport.
  • Christopher Paul Neil, a Canadian teacher was just picked up for sexually abusing underage Southeast Asian children (he posted some of the pictures on the Internet which helped with his arrest). Hopefully this will be a wakeup call to other people like Neil that Southeast Asia isn’t a place you can go and get away with molesting underage children and treat them like disposable paper plates and get away with it.
  • You knew this was going to start sooner or later – the politicizing of the Olympics in China ’08 – and it’s already starting to get heated with warnings being thrown out on both sides including organizations like the Human Rights Watch. This is going to be one of the most interesting Olympics in years. 

News Roundup: John Liu, Campus Cinema, Gayasian Heroes, and more…

Some news from around the way:

10 questions for Councilman John Liu

City Councilman John Liu (D-Queens) represents District 20, which includes Flushing, Queensboro Hill, Mitchell Gardens, Kissena Park, Harding Heights, Auburndale and part of Whitestone. He chairs the Transportation Committee. Born in Taiwan, Liu moved to Flushing at age 5 and entered the City Council in January 2002. […] What does it mean to be the first Asian-American elected city official? […]

Asian American Association Film Festival and Campus Cinema team up

Asian American Association Film Festival and Campus Cinema team up for a free screening of ‘Finishing the Game’.

Gaysian Heroes

Although I’ve been somewhat visible in both the Asian Pacific American (APA) community and the gay community, I’ve never considered myself to be an activist or voice for either group. I mean, I’m much too busy trying to beat my own Ms. Pac-Man high score to do much of anything else. But growing up a double minority, having to work through two different layers of self-hate, and desperately seeking Asian-American role models and subsequently gay role models, I’ve become particularly sensitive to issues surrounding gay Asian Americans.

Asian American organizations file legal brief supporting equal marriage rights

A coalition of Asian American organizations will be filing a legal brief supporting equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples in California. This was announced by a group of Asian American attorneys and advocates in Los Angeles and San Francisco last Wednesday, September 26, at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) in downtown L.A. Among the more than 60 local, state, and national organizations filing the amicus brief are the Philippine American Bar Association and Filipinos for Affirmative Action.

Senate May Back Campaign to Change UC’s Ethnic Categories

The ASUC Senate will consider a resolution this week that aims to further break down the Asian/Asian-American category into more specific classifications for the UC admissions process.
The resolution, authored by CalSERVE Senator Maurice Seaty, supports the goals of the Count Me In Campaign, a university-wide group hoping to add 10 new ethnic categories to the UC application, among other plans.

ImaginAsian TV launches weekend South Asian block

ImaginAsian TV, America’s first 24-hour Asian American network, is launching a new 3 ½ -hour South Asian block called “Simply Desi” beginning October 20. The block will feature Pulse-The Desi Beat, Koffee with Karan, ICC Cricket World, Newsweek South Asia, and My India. Announcing the launch at a press meet in Manhattan, Oct 20, J. Edward Lee, President and COO, ImaginAsian said, “It is four years now since ImaginAsian has been working diligently to provide an effective platform for the Asian American community.”

Michelle Yeoh – You’ve been knighted


While this happened earlier this month it’s definitely still post worthy (and just in case you missed it…) – but the 45 year old actress received one of France’s highest civil honors, the medal of a Knight of the Legion, by French Ambassador Alain du Boispean for strengthening ties and mutual friendship between France and Malaysia (where she was born), through her stays and connections in the country – and for those that were wondering – yes – she’s also been Knighted in Malaysia.

Racist Theme Parties, New Citizenship Tests, Dropping Cake, and other news from blogosphere

Some posts from around blogosphere from the last week:

Texas Fraternity To Throw Racist Theme Event (¡Para Justicia y Libertad!):

More racist theme parties, here we go again. I received an email informing that a UT Austin fraternity is planning to have a “Cholo/Ghetto Mexican” Rush Eventwhere participants are to dress up and act as “Cholos” or “Ghetto Mexicans.”

New Citizenship Test (Asian-Nation):

You might have heard that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or ‘INS’) will be implementing a new and expanded test that each immigrant is required to pass in order to earn U.S. citizenship. As the New York Times reports, the new test is the first major overhaul in more than 20 years

Call to Action: Another Racialized Arrest at School (Oh No a WoC PhD):

[…] A young black woman was attacked by a Knight High School security guard in Palmdale, CA, for not sufficiently cleaning up the floor after dropping a piece of birthday cake on it.

ROCK OF BLASIAN: Black Kids (Disgrasian):

[…] Black Kids are an unsigned Jacksonville, FL band who’ve been compared to My Bloody Valentine, The Go! Team, and The Cure, and after playing a killer show at the Athens Popfest […]

Indian American Newspapers Compete in Houston (Hyphen):

The Houston Chronicle reports about the flourishing of Indian American newspapers in Houston, which has a huge South Asian population. In fact, there are three Indian American newspapers based in Houston, along with other smaller magazines.

Burma/Myanmar watch: From 20,000 to 100,000 strong now

While the protesters are now 100,000 strong with nuns joining the protest as well, there is now a threat of force by the military junta. More news from the wire on the situation:

Myanmar junta’s warnings ignored as 100,000 join new protest

Buddhist monks led 100,000 people through the streets of Myanmar’s biggest city Tuesday, defying threats of a crackdown from the military junta facing the stiffest challenge to its rule in 20 years. In another day of public defiance against the generals and their iron grip on the country, some 30,000 monks dressed in saffron and red robes, followed by about 70,000 supporters, surrounded the Sule Pagoda and nearby city hall.

Anti-riot police move in as protests continue in Myanmar

In Myanmar, heavily armed anti-riot police have been sent in to Yangon where tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets again today.

Burma’s Growing Dilemma

With as many as 100,000 people on the street in a holiday atmosphere and film stars joining the crowds, there were increasing signs Tuesday that a nervous Burmese government is nearing a crisis point after six weeks of protests against the repressive regime.

More on plane crash in Thailand

In one of its worst aviation disasters in a decade with over eighty-eight dead, more information is starting to come out about the airport and pilot:

From the Canadian Press:
Probe into Thai plane crash focuses on wind shear; monks pray for dead

Buddhist monks chanted prayers Tuesday for the souls of the 89 people killed in a plane crash on the southern Thai resort island of Phuket as distraught relatives began identifying and retrieving badly disfigured bodies.

From the Bangkok Post:
Airline chief defends pilot of doomed Phuket flight

“He was not hot-headed by character and had plenty of aviation experience under his belt …He was very experienced, patient and very decisive,” One-Two-Go Airline chairman Kajit Hapananont told the Bangkok Post.

From the Guardian:
Survivors angry that pilot tried to land plane in monsoon storm

Survivors of the Phuket air crash expressed disbelief and anger yesterday that their plane had been given permission to land despite a monsoon storm with winds so fierce that they bent back palm trees.